The Rabbit Hunter
Main Category Stygia
Subcategory Khemi
Quest Starts At Cadarn
Quest Ends At Zefat the Animal Merchant
Minimum Level 1

Objective/s • Order venom from the animal merchant

Reward 900 XP

2 14

I. Venomous Snares Edit

Objectives Edit

Order venom from the animal merchant.

Journal Entry Edit

A hunter, Cadarn, in Conarch Village has shared with me the secret of his rabbit snares. Apparently he coats them in serpents venom that he obtained from a Stygian merchant. He has asked me, if I should ever travel to Khemi, to order him a new jar of the venom. He wasn't sure which merchant would sell it, however.

I should look for the merchant in the Souk, in Khemi.

Notes Edit

Speak to Zefat the Animal Merchant in the Souk in Khemi and convince him to send the poison to Cimmeria.

Reward Edit

900 XP

2 14

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