Quest:The Pict Threat

Quest Starts At Laranga
Quest Ends At Laranga
Minimum Level 6

Objective/s • Kill Picts in the Acheronian Ruins (30)
• Talk to Laranga

Reward 900xp

1 32
[Pictslayer Mallet] or
[Pictslayer Scramasax]

I. Stalkers in the Wild Edit

Objectives Edit

Journal Entry Edit

Laranga, the wall-captain of Tortage, is angry over the Picts from the Acheronian Ruins slaying travelers, and worries they are potentially massing for an assault on Tortage City itself. He wants me to venture into the ruins and kill thirty Picts, thinning their numbers and sending a warning that Tortage is not to be underestimated.

I can find the Acheronian Ruins by taking a path to the right on the other side of the lava river, outside the city gate.

Reward Edit


II. 30 Slaughtered Picts Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Talk to Laranga

Journal Entry Edit

The thirty Picts are slain and I have sent a warning to the savages in the ruins that Tortage will never go down without a fight. I should return to Laranga with word that I have done as he asked.

Laranga stands in front of the Tortage city gate.

Reward Edit

XP: 900
Money: 1 32
Choose one of the following:
[Pictslayer Mallet] [Pictslayer Scramasax]

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