Once you've reached level 60 and completed all previous parts of the quest chain you can begin this quest by talking to your appropriate trainer; Either Scyra , Rhiderch , or Sharak.

Chapter I: The Great Rivers:Edit

My trainer told me of the last part of the medallion, the Phoenix of the East. I must claim it from the acheronian demon Har-Shebes, in a cave near the Thunder River prison colony. With it, the Phoenix Medallion can be completed, the Atlantean god awakened, and I can finally be freed from the Mark of Acheron. General Tatius, located on a small island in Thunder River between a fortified island and a small village near the shore, can help me find the cave holding the Phoenix of the East. I must speak with him.

  • Talk to General Tatius

Chapter II: The Last ArtifactEdit

I must claim the Phoenix of the East from the demon Har-Shebes. With it, the Phoenix Medallion is complete - and I can wake the Atlantean god that sleeps within, and free myself from the Mark of Acheron. General Tatius told me where the Phoenix of the East is being held - in a cave on the northern side of Thunder River, among the mercenaries he calls bandits.

  • Kill Har-Shebes
  • Get the Phoenix of the East

Theron and Labros (Optional)Edit

Two huge dogs: they are not targetable at first. To make them targetable you must run past them and blow the "Horn of Subjugation" that sits against the wall behind them. Wait until they path apart from each other and the horn before you trigger the horn itself. Once you blow the horn, quickly move away from it or you will take a periodic flame aoe. Choose one dog and beat him down. After a bit he will cast Breath of Hell. Run back to the horn again, waiting until the dogs are apart and blow it again. Once the dogs are subjugated again, make sure you choose the same dog and start hitting him again. If you are running low on health, blow the horn and do NOT attack the first dog you chose.. just wait for a cycle to heal, then blow the horn again. Be careful not to wake the second dog with a careless AOE; if you've triggered the horn at the right time they should be far enough apart to be safe. After the first dog is dead, the horn will not work anymore, you will have to kill the second dog without respite. If you run low on health, just run around the rock outcropping using occasional bursts of sprint until your health is recovered. Your health will regen much faster than the MOB.


An undead mage: this is a rather simple fight. Fight him and after a bit he will teleport elsewhere in the room. There will be a blueish beam that you run to breaking his damage immunity. Just run to it then run to him and begin fighting again. Rinse and repeat. You must fight Kurbankohl to get the key to Har-Shebes area.


Necromancer: He is surrounded by undead and after you approach will begin casting an aoe which can be LoS'd. The adds do not attack you. You must kill all but four of the adds to start the next phase. But they can only be killed during the short time duringin which they grow bigger than the rest. Don't run to the other side to get to the one which the balls passed to. Just stay LoS'd from the bosses aoe and wait for the balls to come to one near you. Then kill it and hide behind the columns again. Repeat until phase two. In phase two, he will have frozen spikes circling him. Get on his dais and burn him down while moving in a ccw direction to stay out of the spikes. Once he gets to around 20% health it will switch back to phase one and you will need to kill the last four minions. As soon as you kill the last minion get on the dais and burn the boss down quick. He is casting a big spell which will one-shot you. Finish him!

Chapter III: Hidden MemoriesEdit

I fought and killed the demon Har-Shebes, and took the Phoenix of the East. I must now return to Scyra with the last piece of the medallion. With the complete Phoenix Medallion and my trainer 's help, I can finally be free of the Mark of Acheron.

  • Give the Phoenix of the East to Rhiderch
  • Remember more of your past

Chapter IV: The Mark of AcheronEdit

My trainer put the Phoenix of the East into the Phoenix Medalliion, and now it is complete. I can feel its energy, and I remember everything. My life and my powers have now returned with full strength. But Thoth-Amon's mark still taints my flesh, and the Atlantean god is still trapped inside the medallion. There is one final ritual I have to perform to be free. The medallion must be returned to the source from which it was crafted - the mythical Crom's Rock. If I survive the ritual, King Conan of Aquilonia wishes to see me. Crom's Rock is in the Field of Chiefs, in Lacheish Plains, Cimmeria.

  • Perform the Phoenix Medallion Ritual

Chapter V: Audience with the KingEdit

The medallion was merged with the rock as I drowned in white light. The Mark of Acheron was cleansed from my body, and the Atlantean god was released. But the ritual caught Thoth-Amon's attention, and he summoned me. In the midst of darkness, he spoke to me, and killed me. Without the Mark of Acheron to reanimate me, I died. But I did not remain dead. The god I had released used his last strength to give me the gift of immortality, to be used against the Grim Grey God. Then he died and faded away. I am free from the Mark of Acheron, and King Conan wants to see me. He waits in his castle in Old Tarantia, Aquilonia.

  • Enter King Conan's Throne Room
  • Talk to King Conan

Reward (Choose one)

  • King Conan's Tribute (Ring)
    • +20 Constitution
    • +200 Mana
    • +40 Magic Damage
  • King Conan's Esteem (Ring)
    • +26 Constitution
    • +170 Combat Rating

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