The Mongrel Menace
Main Category Stygia
Subcategory Kheshatta
Quest Starts At Mizra Suffi
Quest Ends At Mizra Suffi

Objective/s • Slay Blood Hunter Hyenas (12)
• Slay Umbral Hyenas (7)

Reward 67,999 XP

7 70 25

Choose one of these:
[Bloodsnare Mace]
[Bloodpack Staff]
[Bloodhunter Claymore]

I. Scattering the Curs Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Slay Blood Hunter Hyenas (12)
  • Slay Umbral Hyenas (7)

Journal Entry Edit

Packs of strange hyenas harry the trade routes and attack caravans. Mizra Suffi, the caravan master at the Oasis of Rahotep, asked me to kill the beasts and leave their carcasses out in the sun to rot.

I can find them in the nearby hills, out in the desert and close to the east mud swamp. Slaughtering these unnatural creatures will help protect the local trader caravans vital to Mizra.

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