Quest:The Laughing Man

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The Laughing Man
Main Category Cimmeria
Subcategory Conarch Village
Quest Starts At Bebkatum

Minimum Level 1

Objective/s • Find the Laughing Man
• Free the Children's Voices

Reward 900 XP

2 14

Quest Comment:
The Laughing Man can be found in Connarch Village.

I. Innocence Caged Edit

Objectives Edit

Find the Laughting Man.

Journal Entry Edit

A weary man, named Bebkatum, told me a sad tale of how his children's voices were stolen by a man with a traveling show and placed in the mouths of hounds. He spent all of his coin at the Temple of Derketo finding a way for his children to be cured. He has discovered that if the Laughing Man, the one who cursed his children, can be found, and the dogs touched with a tooth taken from his children, the curse can be lifted. Bebkatum has asked me to track down the Laughing Man and free his children from their terrible curse.

The Laughing Man's last know destination was Conarch Village, Cimmeria.

II. Unfettering the Voices Edit

Objectives Edit

Free the Children's Voices.

Journal Entry Edit

I have found the Laughing Man, though he claims to be no man at all. He has warned me off freeing the children's voices, though he has made to physical move to stop me. I should touch the teeth to the Hounds in the cage if I am to free them.

Reward Edit

900 XP

2 14

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