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The Last Hero
Main Category Aquilonia
Subcategory The Maze
Quest Starts At Phaedra
Quest Ends At Phaedra

Objective/s • Find the Missing Adventurer
• Share the news with Phaedra

Reward 4200 XP

17 15

[Phaedra's Blackstone]

I. Nemedian Troubles Edit

Objective Edit

  • Find the Missing Adventurer

Journal Entry Edit

I have encountered a young woman named Phaedra hiding out by the entrance to the winding canyons known as the Maze. She told me the story of her companion, Torian, who drew the Nemedian forces away from her, further into the Maze. She has asked me to find Torian and help him if I can.

Reward Edit

1 33

II. Torian's Sacrifice Edit

Objective Edit

  • Share the news with Phaedra

Journal Entry Edit

I found Torian dead in an area of the maze. The bodies of Nemedian soldiers were piled high around his corpse and it was clear that he had made a brave final stand. I should return to Phaedra with the news.

Reward Edit

4200 XP
15 82
[Phaedra's Blackstone]

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