Quest:The Honest Man
Main Category Stygia
Subcategory Khopshef Province
Quest Starts At Tali
Quest Ends At Tali
Minimum Level  ?

Objective/s • Kill the Man in Black
Parts 2
Reward 4,981xp

70 10

[Neophyte's Staff]

I. The Man in Black Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Kill the Man in Black

Journal Edit

The Stygian contact for the Shadow Brotherhood, Tali, has asked me to track down and kill a man. She told me that the man will be attempting to disguise himself beneath black robes as he crosses the desert. I should kill him and bring his tongue back to Tali as proof that the deed is done.

The Man in Black can be found somewhere in Khopshef Province.

II. The Tacit Tongue Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Report back to Tali

Journal Edit

I have killed the Man in Black and cut out his tongue, as instructed by Tali. I should return to her with the tongue as soon as possible.

Tali can be found in the Souk, in the city of Khemi.

Reward Edit

  • 4,981 xp

32 13

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