Quest:The Hive Mind

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Quest:The Hive Mind

Quest Starts At Cthhrakl
Quest Ends At Thrrkal
Minimum Level  ?
Previous Quest Needed Forbidden Knowledge
Objective/s • Find and speak with the Mantis Chieftain

Reward 5487

Leads To Breaking the Spell

I. The Hive Mind Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Find and speak with the Mantis Chieftain.

Journal Entry Edit

During one of my journeys through the desert I encountered a creature called Cthhrakl. Despite obvious difficulties with human speech, Cthhrakl managed to convey to me that his hive has been enslaved by magical means. He has asked me to enter the Hive and speak with the Mantis Chieftain to learn more. The Hive is located far to the south of Caravanserai.

Reward Edit

Opens the Black Castle quest, Breaking the Spell.

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