The Gift of Healing
Main Category Cimmeria
Subcategory Conarch Village
Quest Starts At Kaen
Quest Ends At Kaen

Objective/s • Get Maple Root Powder in Old Tarantia;
Get Crocodile Tears in Khemi
• Deliver Maple Root Powder to Kaen;
Deliver Crocodile Tears to Kaen
Parts 2
Reward 6858 XP

29 92

[Maple Tears]

A Potent Brew Edit

Objective Edit

  • Get Maple Root Powder in Old Tarantia.
  • Get Crocodile Tears in Khemi.

Journal Entry Edit

Kaen in Conarch Village has come up with a recipe to greatly improve the potency of the local healing potions. He has asked me to travel to Khemi and Tarantia to collect the ingredients he needs for this potion. I should look for Styx Crocodile Tears in Khemi and Powdered Maple Root in Old Tarantia. The items will most likely be sold by healers or alchemists who live in those cities.

Notes Edit

The Maple Powder is available from the Mitran Priest in the Temple of Mitra, Old Tarantia; the Crocodile Tears are obtained from Zefat the Animal Merchant inside the Souk in Khemi.

The Power to Heal Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Deliver Maple Root Powder to Kaen.
  • Deliver Crocodile Tears to Kaen.

Journal Entry Edit

I have the healing potion ingredients for Kaen in Conarch Village; I must bring them to him as soon as I can. He is no doubt waiting eagerly in Conarch Village.

Reward Edit

  • 6858 XP

29 92

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