Quest:The Final Escape

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Quest:The Final Escape
Main Category Aquilonia
Subcategory The Catacombs
Quest Starts At Varro

Objective/s • Kill Jan Vermis

Reward 25,900xp

2 83 37

I. Between the Dead and the Sticky Edit

Objectives Edit

Journal Entry Edit

Varro told me how Jan Vermis, the notorious escape artist and Nemedian leader, has fled the Iron Tower and is hiding somewhere beneath the city. It is likely he has entered The Catacombs in search of a way to avoid resurfacing in a city where the watch cares only that he is apprehended.

Reward Edit


II. tba Edit

Objectives Edit

  • tba

Journal Entry Edit


Reward Edit

XP: 25,900
Money: 2 83 37

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