Quest:The Elder Plans

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Quest:The Elder Plans
Main Category Aquilonia
Subcategory Slaughterhouse Cellar
Quest Starts At General Lupercus
Quest Ends At General Lupercus

Objective/s • Find the Elder's Plans
• Give the Plans to General Lupercus

Reward 92,449 xp

10 16 74

I. Searching for Evidence Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Find the Elder's Plans

Journal Entry Edit

General Lupercus declared to me that the Picts in Thunder River are increasing in number. He also expressed great concern about some missing guards. The General asked me to kill the Crocodile Elders in the Slaughterhouse Cellar and bring back any evidence of plans they might have.

II. Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Give the Plans to General Lupercus

Journal Entry Edit

I managed to find a crumpled note on one of the Crocodile Elders. It seems like the savages have managed to draw some simple red figures on it, most likely using human blood. I must hand it over to the general and see what conclusions he draws from this.

Reward Edit

  • 92,449 xp

10 16 74

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