Quest:The Curse of Flies
Main Category Aquilonia
Subcategory Wild Lands of Zelata
Quest Starts At Ur-Emnet
Quest Ends At Ur-Emnet
Minimum Level  ?

Objective/s •Recover and return the Acheronian Artifact to Ur-Emnet.
Parts 1



Ur-Emnet, a former member of the Black Ring, has asked me to recover an artifact from the ruins at the top of the hill. In order to be able to open the chest containing the Artifact, Ur-Emnet was forced to inflict me with the Curse of Flies. I have only a short amount of time before the curse ends my life, so it is imperative that I recover the Artifact and return as soon as possible.


This quest is obtained in the Wild Lands of Zelata. The Acheronian Chest can be found by running up the steps behind Ur-Emnet, then across the bridge and down the steps to the right. There, follow the right-hand wall until a tunnel is reached and go through the tunnel, then to the right. It's location is approximately 1185,570.


[Ur-Emnet's Choker]

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