Quest:The Cimmerian's Axe

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The Cimmerian's Axe
Main Category Cimmeria
Subcategory Conall's Valley
Quest Starts At Reinar
Quest Ends At Reinar

Objective/s • Retrieve Reinar's Axe
• Give the Axe to Reinar

Reward 5215 XP

22 5

I. The Glory of Youth Edit

Objective Edit

  • Retrieve Reinar's Axe

Journal Entry Edit

A young Cimmerian named Reinar lost his axe while fighting Vanir in the Spider Caverns. I have offered to retrieve it so that he will not be defenseless while he waits for his injuries to heal.

II. A Promise of Gore Edit

Objective Edit

  • Give the Axe to Reinar

Journal Entry Edit

I have found Reinar's Axe deep within the Spider Caverns. I should return it to where he lies injured, just outside the entrance.

Reward Edit

5215 XP
22 5

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