The Chef
Main Category Aquilonia
Subcategory Villa Amiel
Quest Starts At Juan
Quest Ends At Juan

Objective/s • Kill Chef Vibius
• Speak to Chef Juan

Reward 9321 XP

73 69

Leads To Juan's Apprentice

I. A Recipe for Death Edit

Objective Edit

  • Kill Chef Vibius

Journal Entry Edit

Juan, the chef at Armsmans Tavern, has asked me to kill Chef Vivius who poisoned Lord Ghula Amiell's food and blamed it on him. I have agreed to this and can find him inside the kitchen at Villa Amiel.

II. The Taste of Steel Edit

Objective Edit

  • Speak to Chef Juan

Journal Entry Edit

Now that I have removed Chef Vibius from his position at Villa Amiel, I should return to Chef Juan at the Armsmans Tavern.

Reward Edit

9321 XP

73 69

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