The Captain's Warning
Main Category Stygia
Subcategory Khopshef Province
Quest Starts At Captain Menes
Quest Ends At Captain Menes

Objective/s • Kill Red Ruin Bandits (10)
• Return to Captain Menes

Reward 4981 XP

13 32

[Hekneb Dunetrack Cap],
[Hesh'khen Loincloth], or
[Kukfermes Enforcer Mail]
Leads To Eye for an Eye

I. A Den of Wolves Edit

Objective Edit

  • Kill Red Ruin Bandits (10)

Journal Entry Edit

Captain Menes is concerned by the constant bandit attacks at Bubshur and along the route to the Caravanserai. He wants me to put the fear of the law back in the bandits. I am to go to the bandit camp northeast of Bubshur and kill bandits, then report back to Captain Menes.

II. Blood on the Sand Edit

Objective Edit

  • Return to Captain Menes

Journal Entry Edit

I attacked the bandit camp and killed the bandits. The Captain's message has been delivered. Now I need to report back to Captain Menes and let him know what I've done.

Reward Edit

  • 4981 XP

13 32

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