The Bloodied Spear
Main Category Cimmeria
Subcategory Conall's Valley
Quest Starts At spear at 1305,625

Objective/s • Slay Ymirish (20);
• Slay Vanir (40)
Parts 1
Reward 8441 XP

I. Avenging the Dead Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Slay Ymirish (20).
  • Slay Vanir (40).

Journal Entry Edit

I've found a bloodied spear in the ruins of a village deep in Conall's Valley. It is a dark and terrible sign; the menfolk of the village, defeated in battle, sent one of their own back to kill their wives and children rather than see them defiled and enslaved. It is also a plea for vengeance that no true Cimmerian can ignore. I mean to wash away the stain of their deaths in the blood of the Ymrish and their Vanir dogs! It is blood feud now, by Crom!

Reward Edit

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