The Assault Camp
Main Category Cimmeria
Subcategory Conall's Valley
Quest Starts At Kincaid
Quest Ends At Kincaid

Previous Quest Needed Blinding the Enemy
Objective/s • Kill Taskmaster Olaf;
Get Vanir Weapons
• Give the Vanir Weapons to Kincaid

Reward 4013 XP

11 72

[Taskmaster's Crossbow],
[Taskmaster's Throwing Axe], or
[Taskmaster's Mace]

I. Taking Down the Taskmaster Edit

Objectives Edit

Kill Taskmaster Olaf.
Get Vanir Weapons (4).

Journal Entry Edit

Kincaid wants me to slay Taskmaster Olaf, the leader of the assault camp, and bring back as many weapons as I can carry. I should look for weapon racks or something similar. Olaf himself is most likely near the command tent.

II. Good Tidings for Kincaid Edit

Objectives Edit

Give the Vanir Weapons to Kincaid.

Journal Entry Edit

I've slain Taskmaster Olaf and recovered many weapons. I should return to Kincaid. He is on the palisade, overlooking the battlefield.

Reward Edit

11 72

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