Quest:The Arena Bear

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The Arena Bear
Main Category Aquilonia
Subcategory Armsman's Tavern
Quest Starts At Announcer Melotedus
Quest Ends At Announcer Melotedus

Objective/s • Defeat the Arena Bear
• Talk to the Arena Master

Reward 8713 XP

65 3

Leads To The Arena Panther

I. Arena Bear Edit

Objective Edit

  • Defeat the Arena Bear

Journal Entry Edit

I am ready to compete in the illegal arena hidden in the back room of the Armsman's Tavern. My opponent is the Arena Bear. I should hit the gong, kill the beast, and return to the Arena Master for my reward.

II. Speak to the Arena Master Edit

Objective Edit

  • Talk to the Arena Master

Journal Entry Edit

I have defeated the Arena Bear. I should return to the Arena Master, just outside the entrance to the Arena itself.

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