Quest:The Ancient Burial Mounds

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The Ancient Burial Mounds
Main Category Cimmeria
Subcategory Conall's Valley
Quest Starts At Nahud'r
Quest Ends At Valoz Da Neva

Previous Quest Needed A Special Request
Objective/s • Get Spider Venom Sacs (6);
Get Stolen Tomb Rrelics (6)
• Give Spider Venom Sacs to Daol
Give Stolen Tomb Relics to Nahud'r
• Give Trinkets for Valoz to Valoz
Parts 3
Reward 6858 XP

29 92

[Mage Gem]

I. Poison and Plunder Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Get Spider Venom Sacs (6).
  • Get Stolen Tomb Rrelics (6).

Journal Entry Edit

Nahud'r has asked me to reclaim relics that have been stolen from the burial mounds by the Vanir. He also wants me to get the poison from spiders while I'm there

II. Returning the Relics Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Give Spider Venom Sacs to Daol.
  • Give Stolen Tomb Relics to Nahud'r.

Journal Entry Edit

I have the relics and the spider poison. I must return to the mountain glade to give the venom to Daol and the relics to Nahud'r.

III. Trinkets for Treasure Edit

Objectives Edit

Give Trinkets for Valoz to Valoz.

Journal Entry Edit

Nahud'r thinks we should make Valoz da Neva give up his interest in the burial mounds. To do that he asked me to trade him some Vanir trinkets and tell him they are from the burial mounds. I must go to the settlement and try to trick Valoz with these trinkets.

Reward Edit

  • 6858 XP

29 92

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