The Abomination
Main Category Stygia
Subcategory The Scorpion Cave
Quest Starts At Viltren
Quest Ends At Viltren

Objective/s • Get the Final Abomination's Head

Reward 91,700 XP

10 11 46

[Nefarious Chest]
[Vicious Drape]
[Wicked Heart]
Plus one of these:
[Nefarious Chest]
[Vicious Drape]
[Wicked Heart]

I. The Head of an Abomination Edit

Objective Edit

  • Get the Final Abomination's Head

Journal Entry Edit

Viltren, a pilgrim devoted to a scorpion spirit, has asked me to battle an man-scorpion abomination he has seen entering the cave with the great scorpion nest.

I offered to take the creatures head so that he might study it closer. I can find the cave in the western hills. Viltren thinks it will be no easy matter to slay the creature, death will only advance it's development.

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