Quest:The Aberration

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Quest:The Aberration
Main Category Stygia
Subcategory Black Castle
Quest Starts At Ngozi

Objective/s • Discover Hamadi's Secret
• Confront Hamadi

[Hamadi's Brassarts]

I. A Demonic Rendezvous Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Discover Hamadi's Secret

Journal Entry Edit

Ngozi, a laborer in the Caravanserai, asked me to follow his neighbor, Hamadi and find out where he goes. Apparently this behaviour began after the rumors of a demon in the province, and Ngozi has suspicions that Hamadi and the demon are linked in some way. I should follow Hamadi and see where he goes and what he does.

Note Edit

This "secret" can be observed on the plateau just southwest and outside of Caravanserai's walls. Follow Hamadi and observe him meeting Mbizi.

II. Unasked Questions Edit

Objective Edit

  • Confront Hamadi

Journal Entry Edit

I have found the place where Hamadi goes, and I discovered a bizarre serpent being! I should confront Hamadi about this secret of his.

III. A Better World Edit

Objective Edit

  • Kill Unholy Aberrations (5)
  • Kill Slithering Horrors (5)

Journal Entry Edit

Hamadi has told me the sad tale of his son, Mbizi, who was turned into a bizarre creature by the sorcerers of the Black Castle. Hamadi has asked me to travel to the Black Castle and put the creatures like his son out of their misery.

I can find the Black Castle to the south east.

IV. ? Edit

Objective Edit

  •  ?

Journal Entry Edit


Reward Edit

  • ?>xp

? ?

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