Tarisha's Sorrow
Main Category Tortage daytime
Subcategory City of Tortage
Quest Starts At Bartholomo
Quest Ends At Bartholomo
Minimum Level 15

Objective/s • Eavesdrop on Valerius and Tarisha
• Talk to Bartholomo

Reward 1271 XP

2 70

Leads To Tarisha's Sacrifice

I. Secrets Uncovered Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Eavesdrop on Valerius and Tarisha

Journal Entry Edit

Bartholomo is worried about Tarisha, the Stygian antiquarian, who has been meeting Valerius, the bodyguard of Ulric. She has said that when fate brings her love, it is accompanied by tragedy. Bartholomo wants me to spy on them when they meet.

They are due to meet in the Preparation Chamber within the Acheronian ruins, to the west of town, past Turach's lava dam. I can find the chamber to the east of the ruins, along a lonely beach.

Short cut = Hidden ladder at co-ords 144,270 on the cliff edge. Head down the hill, go to the right of "Temple View res. point", around the back is an entrance co-ords 293,127. co-ords can be found on your ingame map, press "m" on your keyboard.

II. Report Back to Bartholmo Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Talk to Bartholomo

Journal Entry Edit

Valerius and Tarisha are having a love affair, but it cannot continue because Tarisha is under a curse that brings to death to anyone she loves more than her duty to Set. I must tell Bartholomo about how Tarisha asked Valerius to forget her.

Reward Edit

1271 XP

2 70

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