Quest:Tarantian Armorsmith

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Tarantian Armorsmith
Main Category Aquilonia
Subcategory Castle of King Conan
Quest Starts At Kaled

Objective/s • Give Fauldus the Scorpion Armor

Reward 22,892 XP

2 51 86

Choose one of these:
[Royal Soldier Hauberk]
[Royal Guardsman Chestguard]

I. Secrets of Alien Armor Edit

Objective Edit

  • Give Fauldus the Scorpion Armor

Journal Entry Edit

A Stygian named Kaled, an armorer in Kheshatta, has asked me to show samples of the strange armor worn by scorpion archers to an Aquilonian armorer named Fauldus who serves King Conan in Tarantia.

Kaled believes Fauldus will be able to glean some useful knowledge from examining these armor pieces.

Reward Edit

22,892 XP
2 51 86

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