Stygian Trading Permit
Main Category Cimmeria
Subcategory Atzel's Approach
Quest Starts At Tuktopet
Quest Ends At Hoture

Objective/s • Bring Hoture the Trading Permit

Reward 61,685 XP

7 3 15


I. Permit for a Distant Trader Edit

Objective Edit

  • Bring Hoture the Trading Permit

Journal Entry Edit

I have a trading permit for a Stygian named Hoture. He can be found at a small camp in the approach leading to Atzel's fortress in Cimmeria. Tuktopet, a Priest of Set in Kheshatta, eagerly waits for some items this merchant is now permitted to transport to Stygia.

Completion Edit

Journal Entry Edit

I delivered a trading permit for the city of Kheshatta to a Stygian named Hoture in Cimmeria. He mumbled on about how the priests of Set couldn't be bothered to send one of their own for him.

Reward Edit

61,685 XP
7 3 15


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