Storming the Gate
Main Category Cimmeria
Subcategory Atzel's Fortress
Quest Starts At King Conan
Quest Ends At King Conan

Objective/s • Kill Atzel Watchers (12)
• Kill Atzel Gate Commander
• Return to King Conan

Reward 61,685 XP

7 3 15

Leads To Death to the Black Dragon

I. The Gate to Atzel's Domain - Bloodstone Bridge Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Kill Atzel Watchers (12)
  • Kill Atzel Gate Commander

Journal Entry Edit

I am to be Conan's messenger, and I am to deliver a message of great importance to Atzel. One stating that Aquilonia will no longer stand for his petty tyranny. I shall do this by slaying his gate captain and those that help defend the one point of entry into Atzel's Fortress just beyond Blood Bridge.

Atzel will know his days are numbered.

II. The Crushed Moral of Bandits Edit

Objective Edit

  • Return to King Conan

Journal Entry Edit

I came, and I delivered. The gates were no easy matter to deal with, for sharppened wooden palisades thrust themselves from the earth. Atzel's gate captain was prepared, even though he was a coward. He stood surrounded by men and barriers rather than found on the front lines.

He fell just as the rest, and Atzel now knows he's next without his gate captains defense.

Now I return to the King with news of my victory. Conan sits upon his throne in Tarantia.

Reward Edit

61,685 XP
7 3 15

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