Stagnant Sewer Water
Main Category Stygia
Subcategory The Onyx Chambers
Quest Starts At Nephturi
Quest Ends At ?
Minimum Level 73

Reward  ?
Leads To Quest:?
Quest Comment:

I. Samples of Murky Water Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Vial of water from the first chamber
  • Vial of water from main chamber
  • Vial of water from the lair chamber

Journal Edit

Nephturi hired me to get her three samples of the sewer water not far from the Farseer's Lair. I need samples from the first room, then the major room to the left of that, and finally the deeper sections of the lair.

II. Edit

Objective Edit

Journal Edit

Rewards Edit

  • XP: 148800
  • Money:

16 37 84

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