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Slayer of Snakes
Main Category Stygia
Subcategory Kheshatta
Quest Starts At Nadir

Objective/s • Killing Cobras (18)
• Speak to Nadir

Reward 71,414 XP

8 4 23

I. Crawling Servants of Thoth-Amon Edit

Objective Edit

  • Killing Cobras (18)

Journal Entry Edit

I must cut a bloody swathe through the snakes that crawl over these hills to prove I am no servant of Thoth-Amon.

Nadir, a mysterious nomad, suggested it to me. She also suggested she knew a foreign preacher hiding in the hills, an enemy of Thoth-Amon.

Snakes infest the foothills north of the city of Kheshatta.

II. An Angry Snake God Edit

Objective Edit

  • Speak to Nadir

Journal Entry Edit

I have left a trail of serpent blood across the hills. Nadir cannot doubt that I am enemy of Thoth-Amon now.

I can find Nadir at the Oasis of Rahotep, in the hills north of Kheshatta.

Reward Edit

71,414 XP
8 4 23

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