Quest:Save the Princess

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Quest:Save the Princess
Main Category Aquilonia
Subcategory Outflow Tunnels
Quest Starts At Fabio
Quest Ends At Fabio
Minimum Level 31

Objective/s • Save Fabio's Princess

Reward XP: 6,357

39 93
[Gem Collar]

I. A Stolen Princess Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Save Fabio's Princess

Journal Entry Edit

Fabio, a nobleman from Tarantia, has begged me to rescue his Princess, who was stolen by a gang of thugs as ransom for Fabio's gambling debts. Fabio has suggested that the gang who took her can be found somewhere in the Old Tarantia Sewers.

II. A Royal Pain Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Give Princess to Fabio

Journal Entry Edit

Fabio's Princess is nothing more than a small, fluffy dog. I should return the barking ball of fur to Fabio in Old Tarantia for my reward.

Reward Edit

XP: 6,357 Money: 39 93

[Gem Collar]

Completion Edit

When Fabio asked me to recover his Princess, who had been taken hostage after Fabio accumulated massive gambling debts, I agreed to do it. After fighting through a veritable army of thugs I rescued Princess, who turned out to be nothing more than a small, fluffy dog. I returned her to Fabio, who paid me handsomely.

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