Remains of a Bygone Age
Main Category Tortage daytime
Subcategory Acheronian Ruins
Quest Starts At Otho
Quest Ends At Otho

Objective/s • Destroy the Acheronian Standing Stones (5)
• Return to Otho

Reward 2118 XP

4 50

Leads To Spirit of Acheron

I. The Standing Stones Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Destroy the Acheronian Standing Stones (5)

Journal Entry Edit

The bat-demon has been revealed as a twisted Acheronian soul taken the form of a bat to match the Picts' worship. It draws power from a circle of standing stones across the lava river, not far from the towering Acheronian ruins. If I destroy these mystical standing stones, the warped soul will lose much of its power and become vulnerable to my weapons.

I can find the Acheronian ruins by taking a path to the right on the other side of the lava river, outside the city gate.

II. Fall of the Stones Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Return to Otho

Journal Entry Edit

The standing stones are destroyed and the demon is left weakened. I should return to Otho to begin the final preparations for the demon's death.

Otho is in the Thirsty Dog Inn, in the city of Tortage.

Reward Edit

  • 2118 xp

4 50

Completion Edit

Otho learned from Nadini that the demon draws strength from a circle of standing stones in the Acheronian ruins. He paid me well to go into the wilds and destroy these stones, thus weakening the demon spirit and leaving it vulnerable to mortal weapons.

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