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Rahim & Lord Camillus
Main Category Aquilonia
Subcategory Villa Camillus
Quest Starts At Rahim
Quest Ends At Rahim

Objective/s • Destroy the Alchemy Kit
• Return to Rahim

Reward varies by level

I. Annihilating Alchemy Edit

Objective Edit

  • Destroy the alchemy kit

Journal Entry Edit

Rahim told me that Lord Camillus still lived after our encounter, and asked that I help to end his menace. To do so, I should enter the lord's bedchambers, and destroy the alchemical kit he keeps there, used in his dark sorcery.

II. Alchemy Anulled Edit

Objective Edit

  • Return to Rahim

Journal Entry Edit

I have destroyed the alchemy kit of Lord Camillus, and should return to Rahim in the The Market Area to share the news.

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