Rage of the Ape God
Main Category Cimmeria
Subcategory Atzel's Approach
Quest Starts At Neoric Manywinters
Quest Ends At Neoric Manywinters

Objective/s • Collect Severed Ape Heads (25)
• Give the Ape Heads to Neoric

Reward 67,999 XP
[Rough Cut Rubies]
Leads To Revenge of the Ape God

I. Crusade Against the Ape God's Army Edit

Objective Edit

  • Collect Severed Ape Heads (25)

Journal Entry Edit

Neoric Manywinters, a Cimmerian mystic, has been patiently waiting in the freezing cold for a champion to arrive - it seems he was waiting for me! He is tracking down a shaman of a bestial ape god named An-Sug. First I must undo the cultist's work and destroy the apes that roam the area east of Neoric, creatures he summoned using his dark magic.

II. Return to Neoric Manywinters Edit

Objective Edit

  • Give the Ape Heads to Neoric

Journal Entry Edit

I have joined Neoric in fighting against the shaman of a bestial ape god named An-Sug. I cut a swathe through the giant apes that had been roaming some abandoned ruins. Now I should return to Neoric with the severed heads I have collected. I can find Neoric south of Atzel's great fortress.

Reward Edit

67,999 XP [Rough Cut Rubies]

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