Quest:Pieces of Peace

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Pieces of Peace
Main Category Aquilonia
Subcategory Old Tarantia
Quest Starts At Scholar's Spirit
Quest Ends At Scholar's Spirit

Objective/s • Recover the Rust-stained Knife
• Deliver the Rust-stained Knife to Denara
• Speak to the Scholar's Spirit

Reward 3736 XP

c 99

I. A Gentle Spirit Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Recover the Rust-stained Knife

Journal Entry Edit

Whilst wandering in the Scholars' Garden behind the library in Tarantia, I encountered a spirit lurking in the shadows. The spirit claims to have been a scholar who was murdered by his jealous best friend in this very garden. He has asked me to recover the murder weapon and deliver it to his former beloved, a woman named Denara. He has left it up to me to decide what to tell her.

II. A Rusty Knife Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Deliver the Rust-stained Knife to Denara

Journal Entry Edit

I have recovered the knife that killed the scholar. I found it rusting on the bottom of the harbor, amongst the silt and the garbage. I should bring it to this woman, Denara, and explain what it means.

III. A Mind at Ease Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Speak to the Scholar's Spirit

Journal Entry Edit

I have delivered the knife to Denara and explained where it came from. I should return to the Scholar's Spirit and let him know.

Reward Edit

3736 XP
9 99

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