Path of the Pirate
Main Category Tortage
Subcategory White Sands
Quest Starts At Drunken Pirate
Quest Ends At Drunken Pirate

Objective/s • Collect a Jar of Spiced Wine from the mausoleum

Reward 990 XP

1 60

[Pirate Sash] or
[Pirate Boots]

I. Desperate Times Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Talk to Renton

Journal Entry Edit

A drunken pirate told me how Strom has this Renton and many other sailors working harder than usual. His shipmate, Renton, denies the drunk pirate entry to his house and he wants me to ask him to come out. Renton's house is in the harbor, next to the drunken pirate, by the Rum 'n Rumble tavern.

II. Traces of the Past Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Collect a Jar of Spiced Wine from the mausoleum

Journal Entry Edit

Strom has Renton and the Red Hand guards searching for some hidden cave. Now Renton is resting in his house, and he wants me to find some spiced wine to calm down his drinking mate outside.

Renton told me of a stash of spiced wine in an old crypt, in the mausoleum near the center of the White Sands Isle. He warned me of dangers lurking in the crypts there. To get the island, I need to use a small rowboat in the northern harbor, past the crane and the warehouses.

HINT: You have to break down a wall inside, location 217, 230.

III. Calm Waters Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Give the Spiced Wine to the Drunken Pirate

Journal Entry Edit

I have the Wine Jug. Now I should bring it to the drunken pirate outside Renton's house, to shut him up and make him leave Renton alone. Renton said the drunkard would pay me for doing him this favor.

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