Quest:Paetus & the Nemedian Crown

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Paetus & the Nemedian Crown
Main Category Aquilonia
Subcategory Villa Paetus
Quest Starts At Gavion
Quest Ends At Gavion

Objective/s • Find a connection between Paetus and the Nemedian Crown
• Give the Map to Gavion

Reward 25,900 XP

2 83 37

Leads To Paetus & the Nemedian Crown II

I. Scouting the Villa Edit

Objective Edit

  • Find a connection between Paetus and the Nemedian Crown

Journal Entry Edit

Gavion, from the Armsmans Tavern, has tasked me with trying to discover more about Lord Paetus - Perhaps some connection with the Nemedian Crown. I should got to his vila, and see if there is anything there that would link the two.

II. The Seeds of Treason Edit

Objective Edit

  • Give the Map to Gavion

Journal Entry Edit

Within Lord Paetus' villa, I found a rather interesting scroll, containing guard patrol routes and strategic points for King Conan's castle. This should be enough to satisfy Gavion's suspicion – I should return this to him at once.

Reward Edit

25,900 XP

2 83 37

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