Ossians Oddysee

1.Cimmerian Style

Ossian, one of Kern Wolfeye's men, has told me the tale of his favorite type of armor. Apparently it is worn by the class of Nemedians known only as Adventurers. I offered to find some of this armor for him; Ossian suggested that the only way to acquire it would be to slay a Nemedian Adventurer. He also mentioned that there are continual skirmishes along the border between Aquilonia and Nemedia. If I am to find Nemedian Adventurer Armor, that certainly seems like the best place to look.The Nemedia - Aquilonia border can be reached through the Wild Lands of Aquilonia.

-Get Nemedian Adventurer Armor

Xp : 7200

Money : 38C 22T

Reward options :

Cloth Boots: Level 32 - 60 Armor +8 constitution +24 combat rating +3% Out of combat speed rating

Light Armor Boots: Level 32 - 105 Armor +8 Strength +5 Constitution +12 Combat rating

Medium Armor Boots: Level 32 - 112 Armor +8 Constitution +24 Combat Rating

Heavy Armor Boots: Level 32 - 162 Armor +15 Strength +85 Stamina Points

Location : Aquilonia

HOW TO GET THERE - In Conall Village, find the Wagoner Man (Coords 355, 570) west of the Inn, travel to Old Tarantia, then go to the Aquilion traveler at the east end of the city.

That is wrong. You get this quest from Ossian (1290, 570).

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