Main Category Cimmeria [[Category:Cimmeria Quests|]]
Subcategory Field of the Dead [[Category:Field of the Dead Quests|]]
Quest Starts At Letter to Hakon Wolftamer
Quest Ends At Cul Chieftain

Objective/s • Get the Battle Plan Fragment I


I. Discovering the Plans Edit

Objective Edit

  • Get the Battle Plan Fragment I

Journal Entry Edit

The Vanir seem to be preparing a major offensive against the Cimmerian clans in the Field of the Dead. Hakon Wolftamer, a Vanir chieftain, carries a fragment of a battle plan. I must hunt him down and see this fragment for myself...

II. Seeking Advice Edit

Objective Edit

  • Talk to Cul Chieftain

Journal Entry Edit

I should go and seek advice and inform the cimmerian clans in the area about the danger. The burial party to the west might be a good place to start.

Completion Edit

I obtained the first fragment of the battle plan from the body of Hakon Wolftamer. I warned the Cimmerians and spoke to Cul Chieftain about it on the western edge of the field.

Reward Edit

8913 XP
68 59
[Gaudic Throwing Axe]

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