Quest:Order Silks in Poitain

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Order Silks in Poitain
Main Category Cimmeria
Subcategory Conarch Village
Quest Starts At Magdaria
Quest Ends At Serathos
Minimum Level 16+?

Objective/s • Speak to Serathos

Reward 4981 XP

13 32

I.Speak to Serathos Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Speak to Serathos

Journal Entry Edit

Magdaria asked me to find Serathos in Caenna village in Poitain and tell him of her order of silks. In order to reach the village, I must travel south to Old Tarantia, and then through the Wild Lands of Zelata to Poitain.

Reward Edit

4981 XP

13 32

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