Octavia's Fate
Main Category Aquilonia
Subcategory Wild Lands of Zelata
Quest Starts At Luciano
Quest Ends At Luciano

Objective/s • Search Kerkyra for Evidence
• Give Octavia's Dress to Luciano

Reward 4800 XP

16 72

Leads To Treachery and Deception

I. A Suspicious Dissapearance Edit

Objective Edit

  • Search Kerkyra for Evidence

Journal Entry Edit

A man in Tesso named Luciano suspects that one of the refugees, Egidio, is lying about the fate of Egidio's wife Octavia. According to Egido, Octativa was slain by Dark Beasts, but the only proof he can offer is a tattered fragment of Octavia's dress, which he claims to have plucked from the beast's jaws. Luciano wants me to visit Kerkyra, south of Tesso, and search for the truth there.

II. Material Evidence Edit

Objective Edit

  • Give Octavia's Dress to Luciano

Journal Entry Edit

I found a dress hidden in Egidio's ruined house. The dress had a square of fabric cut from it, the same piece of fabric that Egidio claims to have torn from the jaws of the beast that killed his wife. I need to inform Luciano of my findings.

Reward Edit

4800 XP
16 72

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