Quest:Obtaining the Noble Arena Key
Main Category Aquilonia
Subcategory Armsman's Tavern
Quest Starts At Luco
Quest Ends At Aquilus

Objective/s • Find and speak to Aquilus
• Defeat Aquilus
• Speak to Aquilus in the Tavern

Reward 25,770xp

1 92 38

I. Find Aquilus Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Find and speak to Aquilus

Journal Entry Edit

I have stumbled upon a mystery in the Armsman's Tavern, in the Tarantia Nobles District. A man named Luco is guarding a mysterious door…and he refuses to let me know what lies behind it. If I wish to find the answers to my questions, Luco has instructed me to speak with Aquilus, somewhere in the Armsman Tavern.

Reward Edit


II. A Fighting Chance Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Defeat Aquilus

Journal Entry Edit

Aquilus has offered to duel me. If I win the duel, he will tell me the secret that Luco is guarding. I should talk to Aquilus in the back room of the Tavern to start the duel.

Reward Edit

XP: 12,700
Money: 94 82

III. A Winner's Reward Edit

Objectives Edit

Journal Entry Edit

I have defeated Aquilus in a duel, showing him that I am worthy of his secrets. He asked me to return to the Armsman's Tavern and speak with him when he has recovered. He will reveal his secret to me then.

Reward Edit

XP: 13,070
Money: 97 56


I stumbled upon a mystery in the Armsman's Tavern, when Luco, a bouncer, would not allow me to enter the back room. On Luco's advice, I spoke to Aquilus, who challenged me to a duel, offering to tell me the secret if I won. I defeated Aquilus handily, and he told me the secret of the Armsman's Tavern. Apparently, certain noblemen have joined forces with the rogues guild and are running an illegal arena in the back room of the Armsman's Tavern. Aquilus is interested in having me as a fighter…he told me that any time I wish to fight, I only need speak the passphrase to Luco. The passphrase is: 'Blood for gold, tears for steel, and honor for those who seek it.'

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