Quest:Noble Valuables
Main Category Aquilonia
Subcategory Villa Verde
Quest Starts At Lady Verde's Bodyguard
Quest Ends At Lady Verde's Bodyguard

Objective/s • Retrieve five of Lady Verde's belongings (0/5)
• Give Adal the five valuables

Reward varies by level

Quest Comment:
Repeatable quest in the Noble's District. NPCs in the instance will always be around your level.

I. Looting the Looters Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Retrieve five of Lady Verde's belongings (0/5)

Journal Entry Edit

Adal, the bodygyard of Lady Verde, has asked that I venture into the villa and attempt to viscerate the villains vandalizing her valuables. After I find several pieces of her belongings, I should return to Adal with them.

Reward Edit


II. Looted Loot Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Give Adal the five valuables

Journal Entry Edit

I have found sevral items belonging to Lady Verde on the corpses of those who would defile her villa. Now that I have recovered some of her possessions, I should return to Adal.

Reward Edit

Level 69
XP: 51,437
Money: 5 86 18

Level 71
XP: 64,761
Money: 7 36 57

    • 2nd Aug 2015 Note that this quest frequently 'bugs' and the mobs do not drop the updates that you need.

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