Nightshade Purgative
Main Category Stygia
Subcategory Kheshatta
Quest Starts At Viltren

Objective/s • Get Nightshade Moss

Reward 81000

5 95 35

I. Gathering Dark Moss Edit

Objective Edit

  • Get Nightshade Moss (0/12)

Journal Edit

I have agreed to help Viltren by gathering a vile black moss which grows in the Scorpion Cave. Viltren says it even thrives in such foul places. It will grow well in that place for it is deeply unnatural. The cave is on the western side of the region.

It is enough to make any person's skin crawl. Howe has offered a good sum of silver for these plants.

II. Edit

Objective Edit

Journal Edit

Rewards Edit

  • XP: 81000
  • Money:

8 96 35

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