Nightmares of Flame
Main Category Khopshef Province
Subcategory Pyramid of the Ancients
Quest Starts At Soiled Envelope

Objective/s • Destroy Conflagrant Visage

Reward 7354 XP

51 56

I. A Partial Resurrection Edit

Objective Edit

  • Destroy Conflagrant Visage

Journal Entry Edit

Whilst exploring the Pyramid of the Ancient Ones, I found a scribbled letter, which reads as follows: "The Oracle knows! I saw it in his eyes as he preached today. I must flee! The last time he found a spy in the pyramid, he performed the Ritual of Conflagration. I shudder to think that such a fate awaits me if I do not make my escape swiftly. To be cursed to roam these corridors for an eternity… I have nightmares of eternal flame. If I do not make my way to freedom, if my corpse lies headless upon the floor, then I lay an undertaking on the shoulders of the one who finds this note. Find my Conflagrant Visage. Strike me down to end my misery. For I, Kalis of Khemi, no longer exist…" It seems that Kalis's fears have indeed come to pass. I should find the Conflagrant Visage and destroy it.

Completion Edit

Acting on the instructions of the deceased Kalis of Khemi, I found the Conflagrant Visage and destroyed it. Kalis should now be able to find peace.

Rewards Edit

7354 XP

51 56

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