Message from Khemi
Main Category Stygia
Subcategory Purple Lotus Swamp
Quest Starts At Shuhotep
Quest Ends At Mekhtet

Objective/s • Speak to Mekhtet

Reward 4981 XP

13 32

I. Ask if Mekhtet Needs Help Edit

Objective Edit

  • Speak to Mekhtet

Journal Entry Edit

Shuhotep told me how he had sent a message to Mekhtet, the Set priest in Nakaset village in the Purple Lotus Swamp. He has yet to receive any answer, and sends me to tell the Set priest that if he needs any help dealing with the Aquilonian, he should dispatch a runner by the end of the week, or Shuhotep will think the offer rejected.

Completion Edit

Journal Entry Edit

I went from Khemi to the Purple Lotus Swamp and spoke to Mekhtet, the Set priest, about Shuhotep's offer of aid to rid the world of the Mitra priest. Mekhtet said he did not need any help taking care of the priest, and to let the offer expire.

Reward Edit

4981 XP
13 32

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