Quest:Lieutenant Rhor
Main Category Cimmeria
Subcategory Field of the Dead
Quest Starts At Bodhrann
Quest Ends At Bodhrann

Objective/s • Kill Lieutenant Rhor
• Speak to Bodhrann

Reward 15,013 xp

1 28 77

Leads To Quest:Lieutenants Haken, Karras & Vorr

I. Death to Lieutenant Rhor Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Kill Lieutenant Rhor

Journal Entry Edit

Bodhrann, from the Murrogh Clan, has tasked me with killing another of the Vanir lieutenants, a warrior by the name of Rhor. Bodhraan said that he can be found on the stairs that lead up to the exit of the House of Crom.

II. The Death of Lieutenant Rhor Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Speak to Bodhrann

Journal Entry Edit

The Vanir Lieutenant Rhor is dead now, life ended at my hands. I should return to Bodhraan to report his murder.

Reward Edit

15,013 xp

1 28 77

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