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Kern Wolfeye
Main Category Cimmeria
Subcategory Conall's Valley
Quest Starts At Riona

Objective/s • Speak with Kern Wolfeye

Reward 4700 XP

15 64

Leads To Defeating Iceblade

I. Kern Wolfeye Edit

Objective Edit

  • Speak with Kern Wolfeye

Journal Entry Edit

Riona asked me to travel north to the mountain glade to find a band of Cimmerian warriors led by a man of northern appearance. She wants me to find out what they are here for.

II. A Message for Riona Edit

Objective Edit

  • Speak with Riona

Journal Entry Edit

I met the warriors Riona wanted me to seek out. The leader calls himself Kern Wolfeye, and there was no mistaking his devotion to the Cimmerian cause. I should go back to the settlement and tell Riona of him. She is inside the Chieftain's Lodge.

Reward Edit

4700 XP
15 64

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