Quest:Keeping the Village Safe
Main Category Eiglophian Mountains

Quest Starts At Cian
Quest Ends At Cian

Objective/s Retrieve Cian's Hatchet

Collect Palisade Logs (0/3) Kill Cannibals (0/10)

Leads To Quest:On the Frontlines

Chapter IEdit

Cannibals from the west have attacked the village. Before they were chased away, they managed to do some damage to the palisades and steal Cian's hatchet among the other supplies they took. Cian wants me to retrieve the hatchet from the cannibal chief who stole it and get three logs, so he can repair the palisade. Clearing out several of the cannibals could help as well.

Chapter IIEdit

I have the three logs and Cian's hatchet. I should return to Cian and give him the hatchet and the logs.

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