Quest:Immortal Acheron

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Quest:Immortal Acheron

Quest Starts At Zelata
Quest Ends At Zelata
Minimum Level  ?

Objective/s • Kill the Acheronian Warlord

Reward XP: 12,000

86 16
[Spellbane Mantle]

I. The Ruined City Edit

Objectives Edit

Journal Entry Edit

After a cryptic conversation with Zelata, I have discovered that an ancient evil in the old ruins to the north is the reason for the problems in the Wild Lands. If I can find a way to cleanse the ruins of the evil, the Wild Lands will be well on the way to recovery.

Reward Edit


II. tba Edit

Objectives Edit

  • tba

Journal Entry Edit


Reward Edit

XP: 12,000
Money: 86 16
[Spellbane Mantle]

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