Quest:Horror Beneath the Surface
Main Category Tortage
Subcategory Tortage Underhalls Day
Quest Starts At Alyssa
Quest Ends At Alyssa

Objective/s • Kill the Ceremonial Master
• Talk to Alyssa

Reward 2940 XP

6 85

[Underhall Armbands],
[Ceremonial Armbands], or
[Underhall Brassarts]

I. Deep into the Underhalls Edit

Objective Edit

  • Kill the Ceremonial Master

Journal Entry Edit

Alyssa is certain the Ceremonial Master must be killed. His rituals are awakening a dark, supernatural presence, feeding Strom's sinister plans for Tortage and turning men's hearts sour. I must travel down in to the Underhalls again to where I found the Hauler, down the stairs near the well. Alyssa believes the Ceremonial Master works his magic in some kind of subterranean temple.

II. Return to Alyssa Edit

Objective Edit

  • Talk to Alyssa

Journal Entry Edit

The Ceremonial Master is dead, killed in the Kraken Temple of the Underhalls. No more will he practice his foul magic and erode the minds of the people of Tortage. I must tell Alyssa at the Thirsty Dog of what I've done.

Reward Edit

  • 2940 XP

6 85

Completion Edit

Alyssa wanted me to slay Strom's Ceremonial Master to prevent him weaving any more foul magic. I tracked him to a subterranean temple in the Underhalls and killed him as Alyssa wished. She was grateful and expressed her belief that my actions will have wounded one of Strom's plans to control Tortage.

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