Quest:Holding Fear at Bay

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Holding Fear at Bay
Main Category Stygia
Subcategory Khopshef Province
Quest Starts At Kayires
Quest Ends At Kayires

Objective/s • Gather Lily Roots (5)
• Gather Cactuses (5)
• Give the Lily Roots to Kayires
• Give the Cactuses to Kayires

Reward 4400 XP

13 82

Leads To Torn by Guilt

I. Night Terrors Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Gather Lily Roots (5)
  • Gather Cactuses (5)

Journal Entry Edit

The people of Bubshur are being terrorized by a demon that hunts the townspeople during the night. The local apothecary, Kayires, needs ingredients to make a soothing potion that will ease the people's fears. He has asked me to bring back Lily Roots from the riverbank to the northeast, and Cactus Plants from the sands around the bandit camps.

II. The Apothecary's Cure Edit

Objective Edit

  • Give the Lily Roots to Kayires
  • Give the Cactuses to Kayires

Journal Entry Edit

I have gathered the Lily Roots and Cactus Plants that Kayires needs for his potions. I must return them to Kayires to collect my reward.

Reward Edit

4400 XP 13 82


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