Quest:Green Yolk

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Quest:Green Yolk
Main Category Aquilonia
Subcategory Slaughterhouse Cellar
Quest Starts At Farmer Livinius
Quest Ends At Farmer Livinius

Objective/s • Collect a Rotten Egg
• Give the Rotten Egg to Livinius

Reward 23,112 xp

2 53 90

I. Rotting from Inside Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Collect a Rotten Egg

Journal Entry Edit

Farmer Livinius told me about some chickens being locked down in the Slaughterhouse Cellar and how he could not get to them because of the Picts] who have invaded the place.

II. Remove the Rotten Egg! Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Give the Rotten Egg to Livinius (6m)

Journal Entry Edit

I finally managed to tear one of the rotten eggs from a tainted chicken. Now I must run back to Livinius and give it to him before it breaks!

Reward Edit

23,112 xp

2 53 90

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